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Yachtie Packing List

One of the requests we had recently was to provide a "packing list" for your break into the superyacht industry - a great idea! If you read your guides, you know the exact steps you have to take to get your first job - starting with your move to crew housing in Florida and earning your certification! Standard routine is for greenies to stay in their crew house the weeks following their STCW and embark on their job hunt. If you read your guides, you ALSO know you'll have to pack your entire life into ONE suitcase and perhaps a duffel/carry on. Boat storage space is limited so you can't show up with a lot of belongings. I know this seems daunting, but don't worry, we're here to help :) .

A few things to remember:

  • When you get crewed on a yacht, you move on board and the boat nearly always provides your work uniform, towels/bed linens, and basic toiletries.

  • Most yachting itineraries follow summer weather, so plan for that when you’re prioritizing what to pack.

  • Laundry is completed daily or almost daily on superyachts, so you don’t need to bring a huge amount of clothing with you.

  • Most yacht crew are outgoing and enjoy a variety of activities in their downtime, so cater the below lists to your own personal lifestyle and interests.

Limit Luggage To:

  • 1x Large Luggage Piece – Preferably Soft Case/Bag to take up less boat storage

  • 1x Carry On/Duffel

  • 1x Personal Item - Purse, tote, backpack, etc


  • Quality Flip Flops or Sperry Boat Shoes (flip flops are more common amongst crew)

  • Sneakers/Trainers

  • Shoes to go out in – wedges, heels, nice sandals etc


For Interviews/Daywork - (see your Interview Prep Guide for more specifics)

  • 1-2 White Polos/Button Ups for Interviews & Daywork

  • 1-2 Khaki Bottoms (Skort/Shorts) for Interviews & Daywork (can purchase at yacht outfitters in Fort Lauderdale, but they’re quite pricey) Ladies - not too short!

Every Day Personal Clothing Preferences - (again, plan for warm weather)

**Remember your every day uniform will be provided by the boat, so pack whatever you'd normally wear in the summer months. Also consider some nicer outfit options for dinners and evenings out with your crew**

  • Swim Suit(s) & coverups/beachwear

  • Light Rain Jacket/Windbreaker

  • Tops

  • Shorts

  • Skirts (if applicable)

  • Dresses (if applicable)

  • 1-2 Pairs of Jeans/Pants for chillier weather

  • 1-2 Sweaters/Jackets for chillier weather

  • Loungewear/PJs

  • Underwear/Bras - (Ladies - be sure to have a few nude-colored options - lots of yacht uniform tops are thin white fabric)

  • Socks

Work Out Gear if applicable :

  • Athletic bottoms & tops

  • Travel Yoga Mat

  • Exercise Bands/Straps


  • Sunglasses - we recommend a polarized pair to protect from the ocean sun glare

  • Compact Umbrella - lots of afternoon rain showers in FL

  • Jewelry (if applicable - look for nice compact jewelry wallet case for easy storage)

  • Make Up (if applicable)

  • Prescriptions if applicable (collect in bulk – ask your doctor to prescribe 3-6 months upfront so you don’t have to worry about refills once you get work)

  • Hair Ties/Pins/Accessories (if applicable)


  • Cell Phone – be sure to know your provider’s international plans and be ready to commit if you get hired onto a boat leaving the country

  • Laptop/Tablet

  • Headphones

  • Chargers

Additional Suggestions:

  • Jambox or other portable speaker

  • Hat/Cap for sunny days

  • Compact Umbrella

  • Kindle/Tablet to store books/reading material - Kindle paperwhite is great for beach days :)

  • Beach Towel

  • Headphones

  • Pre-Print CVs & Business Cards and bring in folder (can do in FTL as well)

  • Ladies - Light Bath Robe/Dressing Gown

  • Go-pro or similar

  • Your T&T Superyacht Guidebook <3

If you're flying, here are some bulky items you may want to wait to buy in FL:

  • Toiletries for Crew House - Shampoo, Conditioner, Wash, Razors, Etc

  • Sunscreen & bug spray

  • Bulky skin care products

  • Over the counter vitamin/supplement preferences

  • Hair Styling Products (Ladies - Dry Shampoo will be your best friend!)

Happy Packing! <3L



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