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Jess M. - North Carolina

"I ended up joining Tides & Tailwinds after meeting the Laura [the founder], in the Miami airport. I couldn't believe what she does for a living and couldn't stop thinking about how cool it is. I decided to do Private Jets training per her suggestion and after reading the guides. I just finished my first flight to Hawaii and they already booked me for a second next week! I really needed a life change when we met and think this was meant to be :)  I wanted to say thank you because I wouldn't be here without you!" 

Thomasin H. - Delaware

"Tides and Tailwinds provides a comprehensive overview of how to gain employment in the world of luxury travel. The course content covers everything from inception to fruition - identifying required steps which must be completed before one can work on a yacht through what to expect once you’ve actually secured employment on a vessel. As someone who has zero industry knowledge and does not live in proximity to a yachting hub, not only was the course content helpful, but having an industry contact of whom I could ask specific questions has been truly invaluable and reassuring. I am inexpressibly lucky to have found your ad on Instagram and chosen your program over others. Thank you Laura!"

Shannon D. - New York

"Hi Tides and Tailwinds, I just wanted to say thank you for putting out such informative information! This comment below is for my fellow newbies and hope you can share my experience with them:

I am fairly new in this industry [Private Jets} and if you're thinking about getting into it too, you need to check before you begin.  I cant tell you how helpful it is and what you actually need in order to successfully become a contract cabin attendant.  If you don't have anyone who's mentoring you and you are figuring this out all on your own, you need this!   It tells you the real scoop, and gives very accurate information.  It was also really fun to read!  It has been beneficial to have a better understanding of what the job requires which was crucial when I was in interviewing!  Mandatory training costs around $5,000 so I would highly recommend reading this first to decide if this is actually the career for you." 

Michelle C. - New Hampshire

"I just finished my STCW [Superyacht] training and wanted you to know how much your site has helped me already!  I feel like I'm a step ahead of everyone else else here applying for jobs. The other green stews keep asking me questions but don't worry I sent them all to your site lol. Thanks!" 


Aubrey S. - Connecticut

“Hey Laura! I just wanted to write a quick email to say THANK YOU! I’ve been thinking about becoming a Private Jet flight attendant for a while now, but never had the guts (or really knew how) to pursue it until I read your guides. I start my initial training next week and couldn’t be more excited. Thank you for starting me on the right track!  I feel so much more confident coming into this with your help :)”  

Marina P. - California

“THIS. SITE. IS. AWESOME. I didn’t even know these jobs existed!  I always wanted to travel more but could never afford it working in restaurants.  This is definitely my next chapter!”

Deanna G. - Idaho

"So grateful I found you on IG! This is the real deal! I've been working as a commercial flight attendant for a regional airline for a few years. Working in aviation already, the private jet sector seemed like this elusive secret that nobody really understands lol. Thank you for so clearly describing how this sector works and laying out the steps to get in and sharing secrets on how to do the job well. Can't wait to get started!"

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