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Hello and welcome to Tides & Tailwinds!  

My name is Laura- I'm the founder, and I have a pretty remarkable life.


I make a generous living traveling the world, meeting incredible people, exploring new cultures, and having experiences that most only dream of.


This beautiful and exciting existence is mine thanks to my career in VIP service. I cater to the rich and famous while traveling alongside them on their luxurious superyachts and private jets. I live a BIG life, where no two days are ever the same, and new adventures are perpetually around the corner.


I get asked ALL THE TIME how to get started in these incredible industries. The truth is, there isn't a quick or simple answer. These jobs aren't posted publicly on job boards or employment websites. Yachting and Private Aviation are two incredibly niche fields that require inside knowledge to break into - and Tides & Tailwinds is the world's only resource that will provide you with exactly that.  


Industry veteran friends and I have collaborated to bring you all of the raw, detailed information you need to pursue your new career path, PLUS tons of training guides, industry insights, and resources to help you succeed along the way.  




Simply review the Industry Descriptions and decide which might be a better fit for you. (or explore both!) Select your industry and preferred package in Plans and Pricing, and unlock YEARS of collected field knowledge and expertise.



Want more information about the industries, jobs, or lifestyles? We're here and happy to answer any questions you may have through our Contact Form. As an alternative you can email us directly any time at

Congratulations on your exciting new career choice!  Cheers to you- to taking chances , to believing in yourself, and forever to new adventures <3 .

- Laura

Disclaimer: The information on this website is for educational purposes and career guidance only.

Purchased access of any package does not guarantee job placement in either field.

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