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Below you'll find our package offerings to pursue your dream job in VIP Service & luxury travel on Superyachts or Private Jets. Tides & Tailwinds is the world's ONLY resource offering collected and comprehensive knowledge not only to ATTAIN these jobs, but to build a successful career in either industry.  

Each membership includes respective industry guide access, as well as an exclusive Industry Guidebook download, FREE to all paying members.


T&T now offers the option to purchase upfront OR with a monthly subscription!  Free cancelation of subscription is available any time after a six month period. 


Live the life you've always wanted with the dream job you never knew could be yours!  

We'll guide you there :)

Did you read the Industry Descriptions and are struggling to decide which might be a better fit for you?  Perhaps you see yourself in both industries!  Our All Access Pass will grant you full platform access guiding you wherever your luxury travel career may lead <3.