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How does Tides & Tailwinds work?

​Consider Tides & Tailwinds your online learning portal providing ALL the information you need to pursue and build a career in VIP Service on Superyachts or Private Jets. Years of field expertise have been laid out for our members in comprehensive, easy-to-read guides - offering insider knowledge on everything from industry insight and how each works, training information, where, how, and who to apply for these jobs with, luxury service manuals, resume/interview/career guidance, and SO much more. To access the guides, simply select your preferred package and industry in our Plans & Pricing, and your member access will begin immediately upon submission of payment :)

Aren't these industries affected by Covid-19?

Temporarily, yes. But things are slowly getting back to normal! Check out our Covid-19 write up and recent blog posts for more detailed information. Spoiler alert - superyachts and private aviation are going to be just fine - if not BUSIER with increased demand from the wealthy avoiding public travel. Now might just be the perfect time to start planning and strategizing your career transition :)

Can you get me a job?

​Nope! Sorry, I wish we could. However, this is not a placement service or recruiting agency. We just provide the specific information, references, and guidance to blaze your own path- including specifics on where, how, and who to apply for these jobs with. This is a career resource designed to set you up for success with insider knowledge that most others don't have breaking into these industries.

I'm interested in both Yachting AND Jets, and can't decide which to pursue... which was your favorite?

I get asked this question ALL. THE. TIME. The truth is I don't have one! I think each industry offers a different lifestyle, and it depends on where you are in your life and what you're looking for. Yachting fulfilled me completely when I wanted a fresh start with no ties to "land-life" (plus I've always had a love of the ocean <3). Private Jets fulfilled me once I got to a certain age and wanted to have a home, but still wanted to work in luxury travel. I wouldn't trade the experiences I've had in either industry.

How long does it take once I'm trained to get hired?  

It's different for everybody! I was lucky enough to get my first full-time yacht job a few weeks after my training, and my first contract private jet flight a month after my training. This is why it's so important to know what you're doing and to set yourself up financially for these career transitions before committing to them... most newbies aren't so lucky, and you'll need to sustain yourself for an unknown period of time before that first offer. You'll read more about this plus tips for hiring success within the industry guides :) .

Is the yachting industry like the show Below Deck?

Below Deck is a Bravo reality series that follows superyacht crew during their charter seasons. While a lot of the drama on the show is instigated for the sake of creating entertaining television, it's not an inaccurate depiction of the overall lifestyle. Those cast members are actual "yachties" performing the duties of a charter yacht crew during a busy season.  

I'm interested in working in luxury travel, but I have a lot of personal commitments holding me back. What do you suggest?

I'd suggest focusing your efforts more towards private aviation. Yachting is a lifestyle better suited for the unattached. You're living on the boat full time, in a location dictated by the owner you work for. In private aviation, you're still traveling for a living, but you have a home base to return to between trips. You can find more info on this within the industry guides :)

Do I need a college/university degree to work in these fields?
You don't! The beauty of these industries is that the only educational REQUIREMENTS are your initial certifications (discussed further in the industry guides). THAT SAID- I am a proponent of education and think it makes you a stronger candidate on a resume if you've earned a college degree - particularly in areas like hospitality, communications, and business. However, I also know many chief stews & private jet flight attendants who are BRILLIANT at their jobs, earn a nice six-figure salary, and never received a formal university education. Personality, ambition, endurance, and work ethic are far more important.

What if I don't have a lot of service or hospitality experience?

Get some! It's not a REQUIREMENT to have, but it will make your job hunt a heck of a lot easier. Your resume will thank you for it, it'll make you better in your future role, and you'll be a stronger candidate during your interviews. Restaurants are a great place to start looking as they're almost always hiring and offer flexible hours.

I've paid for membership but still can't access the Industry Guides. What's the deal?
No idea! Give us a quick email or submit a contact form and we'll investigate ASAP :)
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