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Industry Overview

Overview of the superyacht industry, program types, travel patterns, and crew roles and expectations.

Getting In

A comprehensive guide

to breaking into the North American superyacht industry

Positions & Salaries

A layout of the different types

of luxe service positions

on a superyacht and what you

can expect to make in each.

Interview Prep

Fool proof instruction on how to

rock your interviews, including

what to wear, and what captains

are most looking for.

Wine & Service

An overview of wine, varietals, pairings, and how properly present and serve a bottle

to superyacht guests.

Guest Template

Fool proof template and system

for recording guest preferences

and behaviors to impress

on your first job.

What It Takes

A  list of the traits, characteristics,

and experience needed

to make it as a stew on yachts.

Certs & Education

A list of required, recommended and suggested education, and where and how to get it.

Popular Builds

A list and description of the most popular and common yacht manufacturers to familiarize you with your new "offices" 

A Day in the Life

A daily routine of life on board

to give you an idea

of your future job duties based

on type of yacht and program.

Barista Guide

Coffee and Tea

Service Guidelines including

recipes and characteristics

of the hot beverages.

Tips for Success

Insider advice to ensure that once you

GET that first job, you keep it

and maximize your new

superyacht career.

Luxury Service

A discussion of what "luxury service" is and the expectations of the people providing it.


Terms and definitions you'll be hearing throughout your career on boats and in luxe service.

Building Your CV

A resume & layout guide

to help present your best self

to future yacht captains

and chief stews.

Fine Dining Guide

All the essential info you need

to serve meals to elite guests

including steps of service

& proper table settings.

Basic Bartending

All the essential info you need to impress your guests

with great cocktails as well as

popular recipes to know.

Yachting Directory 

A directory of major superyacht industry schools and companies plus  suggested additional material to check out regarding the industry 

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