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Industry Overview

A broad overview of the private jet industry, career direction & account types, and the salaries you can expect to earn from each


Getting In

A step by step guide

to planning your career transition to the exciting and fulfilling role of a corporate flight attendant


A Day In The Life

What to expect in your daily routine of life as a corporate cabin attendant, broken down by account type and flight category  


Interview Prep

Fool proof instruction on how to

rock your interviews, including

what to wear, and what captains

are most looking for.


Fine Dining Guide

All the essential info you need

to serve meals to your elite passengers including steps of service

& proper table settings.


Barista Guide

Coffee and Tea

Service Guidelines including

recipes and characteristics

of the hot beverages.


What It Takes

A comprehensive list of the traits, characteristics,

and experience required

to make it on private jets


Certs & Education

A guide to the certificates

and education required,

recommended and suggested,

and where to get them.


Makes & Interiors

The jet manufacturers you'll be seeing and working on most as well as an overview of standard cabin layouts & components


Resume Guidance

A resume & layout guide

to help present your best self

to future lead pilots and fleet managers


Wine & Service

An overview of wine, varietals, pairings, and how properly present and serve a bottle

to your passengers.


Basic Bartending

Essential bartending knowledge

to aid you on potential future flights with heavy-drinking passengers and clientelel


Luxury Service

An overview of what "luxury service" is and the expectations and requirements of professionals

working in the field.



A list of terms and definitions

you'll be hearing throughout

your career working in the private aviation industry

Parked at Samedan Engadin Airport over s

Understanding Tail #s

Avoid sounding green in the industry with this reference guide to understanding plane tail numbers and how to use the phonetic alphabet

Modern advanced private business jet rea

Safety Material

Highlights from your future safety training courses to prep you for material and provide a quick reference point for future flights


Catering Guide

A guide of how to plan, provision, and place catering orders for your flight based on meal type and where you source your food from


Passenger Profile

Fool proof template and system

for recording passenger preferences

and behaviors to help excel in your new career

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