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OK, so what about Covid-19?

Hey there!  Laura here - founder of Tides & Tailwinds/former superyacht chief stew/current private jet flight attendant. What a year it's been eh? Countries have closed borders, planes became grounded, hotels and restaurants shut down, and the service, hospitality, and tourism industries have truly struggled to stay afloat.

To brief you specifically on the luxury travel industries, we're actually doing better than most. Those who can afford to are opting for private transportation and travel experiences to avoid crowds and escape their quarantines. Slowly but surely, with the vaccine rollout, wider spread distribution of therapeutics, and a greater understanding of the virus, we're seeing travel pick up on both superyachts and private jets. I believe we'll be the first of all of the effected industries to truly get back to normal given our sterile, private vessels and increasing demand from our high-echelon clients.

That said, given the ongoing travel restrictions, fueled by Covid-19 mutations worldwide, we at T&T have taken a hiatus from promoting and encouraging embarking on these careers until things start to normalize just a bit more. We have a moral obligation to you, our amazing, (and I'm sure restless & travel-hungry) members to guide and direct you to your dream jobs in the most honest way possible.  

Now is a great time though to start or continue learning about the jobs that will soon be waiting for you! Our site remains functioning at your disposal, and we remain here and eager to answer your questions to help you best prep for your new career.  We just want to make sure you time it correctly to optimize your chances of success, and that the world will have its arms wide open and waiting for you when you choose to seize it..

Stay tuned for updates on how the industries are doing from the inside. Until then, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay sane!  We're all in this together <3

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