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Your phone consultation is confirmed and we can't wait :)

In the meantime, why don't you explore the site and all it has to offer, and put together any questions you may have for us during your phone call. If you haven't already, see what we're all About and check out our Industry Descriptions to get a feel for what working on superyachts or private jets is like, and the lifestyle you can expect in each.

You'll also see the abundance of information and guides that your membership will grant you access to on our Superyacht Industry Guide and Private Jet Industry Guide pages. (Pricing and package options for access to these guides are all available to you on our Plans & Pricing page)

For some added fun, check out our (very young, but growing!) blog which will feature ALL topics related to working on superyachts or private jets including additional career guidance from industry veterans, travel tips, tricks of the trades, and more!

Hey- CONGRATULATIONS on taking your first step towards your travel dream job and the exciting, fulfilling, and world-class life you deserve.  We're so excited for you!  


Chat soon <3,

  Laura & the T&T team

PS to cancel or change your appointment you can do so through the link provided in your confirmation email :)

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