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COVID & Your Initial Training Courses

Hey T&T Members-

Don’t know about you, but we’re SO over this. But while we’re itching to get out of self-quarantine and start traveling again, we’re also SO grateful to all of the health care and essential workers who are carrying the whole world on their shoulders right now and pulling us out of this nightmare. *Insert Explosive Applause!*

I know Covid-19 has disrupted a lot of your plans to break into the Superyacht or Private Jet Industries. A lot of you have had to reschedule training courses and put your job hunts on hold due to lock-down restrictions and the unknowns of each industry. For those of you who had planned on completing their Initial Training for either Superyachts or Private Jets during this time, I wanted to update you on our endorsed facilities and their operations during the pandemic.

For Private Jet Flight Attendant Training:

In your guides, we discuss the importance of getting your certification at an FAA-approved training facility – these are the ONLY certifications that are universally recognized and acknowledged by every flight operator, maximizing your chances of attaining work. This means we at T&T only endorse TWO schools for your Initial Training Certifications – FlightSafety International & Aircare FACTS. Here’s where each stands with operations during COVID:

FULLY OPERATIONAL *Whoohoo* – All US locations offering Flight Attendant Initial Training:

Savannah, Georgia

Long Beach, California

Teterboro, New Jersey

Dallas, Texas

Class offerings and practices have been adapted to the new Covid-19 climate. The facilities are regularly sanitized and maintained to the highest health standards. Fewer students are admitted per classroom and kept at a 6-foot minimum social distance for all activities. Pool-training exercises are now dry while still meeting the FAA requirements.

Aircare FACTS – No April Class Offerings

The school is hoping that their locations will begin opening again come May, and is expecting that the reopening will location-by-location based on the region the facility is based in. Loosely anticipated order of re-opening:

1) Van Nuys, California

2) Fort Lauderdale, Florida

3) Dallas, Texas

4) Morristown, New Jersey

They’re being flexible with class re-scheduling and are planning to offer additional class dates when they re-open to make up for the Covid shutdown. Call your specific chosen location before scheduling to see what their status is.

For Superyacht STCW Initial Training:

The STCW is a mandatory one-week initial training course necessary to apply for any crew-member job on superyachts. The three USA schools we endorse on Tides & Tailwinds are:

Bluewater Crew Training – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

MPT “Maritime Professional Training” – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

PYT – “Professional Yachtmaster Training” – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

All of these schools are temporarily closed due to Florida’s “Stay At Home” orders, and are hoping to re-open end of April based on the state of Covid restrictions. All three of these schools are USCG (US Coast Guard) & MCA (Maritime & Coastguard Agency) APPROVED. The MCA is the set of standards created by the UK which many foreign vessels abide by.

***One of our lovely T&T members actually discovered that a school called Seven Seas Preparatory Academy is offering an online hybrid STCW – meaning you can learn the theory material remotely online, and then attend two days of practical sessions at one of their locations when things are back up and running. This course is US Coast Guard Approved, and MCA COMPLIANT – meaning it’s the same material and curriculum as the MCA "Approved" courses, but technically not on their official approval list.

If you opt to take advantage of this Seven Seas hybrid STCW during your quarantine, note that some stricter foreign-flagged vessels MAY not recognize the certificate without the MCA official stamp of approval. I don’t foresee it being a huge hinderance on your job hunt, and believe most vessels will recognize it as equivalent, but be wary of the possibility before committing to this particular certificate.***

^^Amended: Direct quote from Seven Seas Prep Representative: "It was mentioned that some flags may not accept this [hybrid] type of training as it is not under MCA approval. I wanted to let you know that this is incorrect and is accepted by all registers and authorities. The UK MCA has a marine safety notice (1856 M+F) which explains that they are accept all approvals under the "white list" countries which includes the USA. Therefore this training has the same approval and is accepted by all yacht & shipping registries."

Ok that’s our update! As always, reach out with any questions or concerns :) .

Stay Safe

Stay Healthy

Stay Patient

Stay Positive

Stay Home

Stay With Us – We’ll get through it together.

<3 L


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