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Allow Myself to Introduce.. Myself

Oh Hey!

First off THANK YOU for stopping by the site, and for your interest in working in the amazing field of luxe travel! In addition to providing our members with career-specific expertise for getting into the superyacht and private jet industries, I want to also be able to share tons of other helpful content for anybody working (or hoping to work) in these fields.

This blog will provide you with insightful weekly posts covering ALL the things we're about- like tips for travelers, luxury service and event expertise, guidance from industry professionals, food and drink recipes, tricks of the trade and SO much more.

So to kick things off, I'll start by introducing myself.

Hi :) . I'm Laura and if you're on this site, we probably have a lot in common.  

I've always wanted a BIG life.  I've always been hungry to travel.  I've always loved adventure.  And I've always enjoyed making people happy.  

This is why I was SO incredibly lucky to stumble my way into this world of superyachts and private jets, and why I'm now bringing what I know to YOU. Here's my story:

I met a few "yachties" (aka superyacht crew members) on a college spring break in the Caribbean, and became instantly fascinated by their industry and lifestyle.  With their guidance, I dove into the the hiring process and found myself cruising to the Bahamas on my first yacht job soon after.  I was nervous as heck around so much money in an unfamiliar environment, but quickly got acclimated to the job thanks to my service experience in bars and restaurants and an amazing crew.

I became COMPLETELY addicted to this new life where no two days were the same, every "office view" was breathtaking, and every port held a new adventure. (Not to mention I was making incredible money with NO living expenses.) 

Within a few seasons of working hard and cruising in and out of hundreds of ports, marinas, and anchorages, I eventually got promoted to chief stew on an amazing charter program. This new position was challenging, exciting, fulfilling, and allowed me to hone in my luxe service skills.. which aided my NEXT career direction.

Forever hungry for a new adventure, I eventually bid farewell to the superyacht industry and found my way into the world of Private Jets.  A friend/former yacht crew-mate had made this career transition before me and encouraged me to do the same.  With her help, I navigated my way through the tricky hiring process of private aviation, and soon found myself working as a full-time personal Flight Attendant for a lovely, high-society New York family.

My switch to "land life" and the Private Jet industry has been INCREDIBLY rewarding.  I have a job where I see even MORE of the world, but have more time to appreciate my surroundings and a home to return to between travels.

I know how fortunate I am to have the life that I do and the experiences that I have... and I try never to take my opportunities for granted.  I also know that this amazing life is mine, not because I'm any more deserving than others... but because I knew HOW to create it.  Did you notice that in both of these niche industries, I knew people on the inside who guided me through the process of getting these jobs?  All I needed was the courage to take the chance and dive in with optimism and the knowledge that they gave me.

My hope is that the experiences and knowledge provided to you on this site and on this blog will help you do exactly the same, and give you a life that you love as much as I love mine.   <3Laura

Feelin' creepy? Go ahead and check out my personal insta @laurajean.627 to witness my favorite moments, places, & luxe travel journey through the years


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