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A Letter From The Jet Captain You Want To Work For

Working on either yachts or jets, you should get used to the word "boss" being synonymous with "captain". When it comes to receiving your job offer, the first person to impress is the one at the helm or in the cockpit. In many cases, they're solely responsible for conducting interviews and hiring their crew, are the direct link to the owner of the plane or boaters, and oversee just about all other aspects of a yacht or jet program. Your impression on this person will directly affect your hiring (and inevitable career) success, so let's take a look inside their heads a bit as you plan your career transition to luxury travel.

Below you'll find a letter written to you, potential Corporate Flight Attendant interviewees, by one of the best-reputed Global 6000 Captains in the private aviation industry. (Potential yacht stews - this information will be helpful to you as well as captains look for the same qualities in both industries!). Let's check out what he has to say about how he selects his crew and the qualities he wants to see.

Dear Future Interviewees,

It’s a common misconception that private flight attendants simply jet around serving champagne and caviar to the world's most elite passengers, all along traveling to the most amazing locations, while exploring unreachable destinations.

It is true, this industry provides the opportunity to experience unreachable places, and you will interact with world leaders, great minds, and social elites. There are challenges, but with that will come great rewards. Finding the right team is no easy task. Flight Attendants are the face of the account, and often directly responsible for the overall experience of the flight. This is a team effort, and when something goes wrong it makes for a poor impression on the entire team, whether it be a departure delay, turbulent flight, or poor cabin service. Good pilots will help. They recognize the importance of a clean and functional cabin, they realize that everyone has the same goal, and they will lend a hand whenever possible, knowing that a well organized and prepared aircraft is a great start. Being able to interpret your passengers likes/dislikes is the next step, and this goes for everyone. Providing cabin service to their expectations is the final touch, and that’s on YOU.

So, how to find the right person to compliment your team?

First I’ll say the obvious - being safety oriented is an absolute must. From there, some accounts focus on culinary skills, flexibility, and world wide experience, while others look for personality, presentation, and overall fit for the passengers. All-in-all, it’s important to be committed and hard working, team-spirited, and a strong communicator. Organization and prep-skills are extremely important, and experience in the service industry is a strong plus. Forward thinking is the key to a successful flight, so strong candidates focus on readiness, what happens next, and how to make tomorrow better. It’s important to be mindful of your environment and have the ability to interacting and communicate without hesitation. Articulate thought and be clear and precise - your passengers will appreciate this. This is an amazing industry which offers first class experiences. There are plenty of opportunities out there - so prepare yourself well (Tides & Tailwinds will be a HUGE asset), don't lose focus, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.


Lead Captain

Global 6000


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